Thursday, September 29, 2011

a moveable feast

los angeles is a an aging starlet trying hard to get the part. doing anything and everything. fast and dirty. untrusting and tearing at the seams.  my first night here was spent in a hotel where i opted to keep the blinds closed at all times. there was a pair of discarded men's jeans directly outside on the small landing. they were grungy and forlorn looking and i didn't want to imagine why they were there. as i said, the blinds remained tight. day two found me alone and driving around trying to get my bearings here in the silver lake/los feliz/echo park area.  my internal compass (okay okay my iphone) led me to griffith park and the glory that is the observatory. i wandered for hours remembering being young and so entranced by the stars. i wanted to be an astronomer then. i still do.  after that, i moved into what will be my home for the next month.  fate or luck or those bright stars lined up and led us (me and that man of mine)  to the most amazing studio sublet i could ever wish for. i feel like i've stepped into a small paris apartment. the only problem is that i never want to leave. it's loud and mean out there but simple and peaceful in here. i know i have to conquer this city and start to look for the next place i'll call home. for now i'm going to slow down and have a little wine and listen to NPR and think about tomorrow when i plan on going back to the observatory.  hey, it's one of the only free things to do here and i'm a penny pinching unemployed girl at the moment.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


what can i say? i'm in a New York State of Mind....i miss it every day.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

mini rant

dear humans of the world,

when you meet a total stranger and they tell you (in an excited voice) that they are "moving to L.A.!" why would you look at them aghast and act as though they had just suggested women should be allowed to vote? oh wait, it's 2011. women are allowed to vote. also, L.A. is not a land of riots and drive by shootings.

i'm moving there regardless of your personal opinion of the city so perhaps you should consider that and offer encouragement and tidings of luck instead of shaking your heads in dismay. i love new places. i love exploring interesting neighborhoods. i love being where life is being lived. life can be dirty and strange and i'm sure that Los Angeles is the place to be a part of it all.

thats all.