Thursday, February 23, 2012

lost books

sometimes i feel like i've read all my favorite books already. this can't be true...can it? sometimes i feel like i'll never get excited about any new music, as if all the good stuff is already been made. this can't be true either. i walked to the goodwill today with my own permission to buy two books. the rules were that i had to buy two just based on gut instinct and i couldn't spend more than six dollars for both. as i scoured the admittedly amazing selection at my local goodwill, my eye kept resting on certain titles and my heart would skip a beat because of how much i loved those particular books. just seeing the spine of a much loved story took me to the time i read whichever it was and i became momentarily transported to that content, magical place that only a book can provide. i saw at least ten books that are all time favorites of mine. for a moment i wished for amnesia so that i could read them again for the first time. i spied a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird and almost propped it up in a more prominent location so that a shopper who hadn't had the magical experience of falling into that story would be able to find it. i had to stop myself from picking out my little friends and placing them all in a little stack with a note from me resting on top.  "please do yourself a favor and read these books!" it might say. or simply "please read". the thing that kept me from doing something of this nature was the knowledge that, much like other things in life, a good book has to be found.  i found my two books and now they wait for me to finish up the two i'm reading. it's reassuring knowing they're here now. i found them. 

random thought: i'm fairly certain that if each hotel room had a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird in the bedside drawer instead of the Bible the world would improve at a much faster pace. 

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