Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dear Diary 3/8/1990

my first diary

(this is my very first diary entry. i was nine years old and in fifth grade. if i make this a regular blog entry i will eventually have to edit my dramatic young self but you'll get a good picture of the internal workings of my mind at a young age. hopefully it's good for some laughs!)

"Dear Diary,
today everything wrong happened. first I got in trouble for Just saying something to my mom and I got restricted from the tv over the weekend. then I got in trouble for getting pencil shavings in moms nail stuff. I even think Andy does not like me at all because I got my cast off on Mon. and He just noticed it today. and today in school I got a D+ in my math corrections and I had to stay in in recess and pe because i had a broken arm. and I had a lot of stuff to do and I was behind in my school work I ame usually done before lunch time. That is my terrible day. I even considered running away. Ben came over P.S."

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  1. I like that two boys are mentioned in this one diary entry. It does sound like a terrible day, I'm glad you didn't resort to running away.