Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pod Club

How many members are required to form a club? Jill and I think two is plenty to start with. And so, Pod Club is born. It's a work in progress but since we only have to consult each other at this point, it's been fun. It was hard to choose our first podcast to listen to and write about but finally we agreed on this one from Against The Stream. It might be odd to start with one that's not a well known podcast. It's not even perfect sound quality, but the content is such that our brains will have thoughts to think about and report on. We would love to have anyone out there join in the conversation. Our goal is to do this every other week or so. Ideally, we will post our choice near the beginning of the week so that anyone else who wants to listen before we post our thoughts on it will have time. Friday we will have our thoughts typed up and posted with links to each other on our blogs. If you you have a blog and want to blog your response, we could link to you to! If you don't have a blog and have something to say please comment on one or both of our blogs! Happy listening!

This podcast is only about half an hour long and was recorded live. It's also available on iTunes.

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