Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Podcast Linktacular

artist Brian Despain

I listen to podcasts more than actual music these days. It all started with This American Life. Radiolab soon followed, and before I knew it I was addicted to more than a handful. I hike almost every day and if Rob isn't here, my hiking partners are the podcasts carefully selected for "Today". Yep, that's a special folder on my iPhone specifically for the podcasts designated for, you guessed it, today. It's a new level of geekery that I'm not embarrassed about and excited to share! I fully believe there is a podcast out there for everyone. Here are a few that fit me just right:

When I want to think and learn:

This American Life
Stuff Mom Never Told You
A Way With Words
Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

When I want to laugh:

The Ronna and Beverly Show
The Smartest Man in the World

When I just want to hear other people talk about stuff:

The Nerdist
Sound Opinions
Ask Me Another

All of these are free in Itunes.  Did you hear that? I said FREE ENTERTAINMENT that leaves your eyeballs to do other useful things! It's radio the way it should be people and it's better than whatever channel surfing you've been doing. If you have favorite podcasts PLEASE PLEASE comment and tell me what they are. Even you, stranger who stumbled upon this blog accidently at four in the morning...I want to know what podcasts you love the most!  

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