Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brooklyn Thrifting Heaven

How lucky am I to have a sister in Brooklyn? Best place for thrifting in the world!! Today's goal was finding a few things for her home here to make it as comfortable as possible before her baby boy is born in the next couple weeks. We found a large basket for front door shoe storage, a great tea tray that is going to be used for organizing either jewelry or something like that. We also found an amazing panel from a set of drapes. Suddenly we felt like making play clothes for a group of motherless children in Austria, but instead it will hang on a wall in her unfinished basement as we (I) turn it into a livable space for soon to be visiting family members. Now if only this little boy will come while I'm here! Otherwise I'll fill my time with thrifting and spending more than I should...what?

 A Suitable Basket
Brooklyn Tea Party 
Curtain Call

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