Sunday, March 6, 2011

All You Need Is Love

"Love is All You Need"

I used to be terrified of fire. I would lay awake and wonder what I would save if I woke and only had seconds to get out of the house because it was burning down. Even as a young person I found ways to keep myself awake at night.  When I was ten, the items I worried about saving were my favorite books and treasured gifts.  The list grew to add things I learned to value such as pictures, video's and other mementos. By the time I was in my late 20's, I had no idea how I could possibly save all the things I thought I could never replace if fire were to strike my home. Then I moved to California where fire is a real threat on a nearly annual basis.  I have now actually had the experience of packing up my car and evacuating my living space until the flames and smoke subsided. When it came time to choose what to take and what to leave, I realized that the only irreplaceable things weren't things at all but people. The people I love.  Last year I watched my own sister whittle down her earthly goods to only the things she could fit with her in a small R.V.  It was a long and difficult process but once she had rid herself of almost everything she'd acquired in her life thus far, she was finally free.  She cemented in my mind the idea that at a certain point the things we own end up owning us.  We buy big houses and find the need to fill them.  We buy fancy cars and need a garage to park them inside.  We purchase furniture and electronics and clothing and artwork and pots and pans and books and jewelry and and and...

If you woke in the night and smelled smoke, would you wonder how to get the giant flat screen out the door? Would you worry that you wouldn't have time to rescue your new Prada shoes? I doubt it. As the sun comes up today and you start to wonder where you'll go shopping on this lovely Sunday afternoon, I would encourage you to remember that all of that "stuff" you love to buy will never love you back.  

To quote my favorite movie which is really quoting a whole bunch of other stuff: 
"Love is like oxygen! Love is a many splendored thing. Love lifts us up where we belong... All you need is love!" (Moulin Rouge)

Alright my dears, let's all make it a point this week to tell the ones we love how much we value them above all else in this world.  Go. Spread love.

Love is free and free is cheap.

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  1. Okay......this made me cry. So beautiful and true!