Sunday, March 27, 2011

Praying For Time

"Hanging on to Hope, When There is no Hope to Speak of"

Hope is a thing with feathers. I know this because it often flies away. We wonder where it's gone, if it will come back, what to do if it doesn't. Days can follow days that line up and up and up and still no feathers to be seen. The dreams of "someday" and "what if" stop and instead are replaced by sleepless hours of "never" and "what now". Today I want everyone, especially myself, to consider saving something other than money. The rainy day fund I would like to start is one of a non-monetary kind. Hanging on to hope. Filling a jar or a box or even just a pocket full of reminders that, given time, things will get better. This morning might find you on top of the world. Flowers are blooming and everything is going your way. Put a little memory of that in your hope savings account. A day will come when you'll need to make a withdrawal and if no deposits have been made, you'll come away empty. Imagine a bank full of small items that make you remember the good and magical parts of life. Morsels of times to taste during the famine. 

This treasure box of hope should be an actual vessel.Begin today by filling it with scraps of paper, theatre tickets, notes, receipts, photos. Fill it with items that make you smile, stones, pressed flowers, charms, memories. When the moment comes when you're sure you've run out of hope, open your box. Look at each thing you've saved and remember that time will keep ticking away. It always does. Hope may have flown the coop but you've held onto a memory of it to hold you over until it comes back. And it will come back.

Please gather your bits and scraps of hope and love today. You don't realize it perhaps, but the day will come that you're glad you started a hope savings account.

Hope is free and free is cheap.

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