Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

"Here in Status Symbol Land"

We care about what other people think. Some of us more than others, a few of us a bit less than some, and a handful of us barely at all. Then there are those that care so much it devours them whole. They morph from human beings to merely walking advertisements for all the things money can buy.  The blinding Cartier, the fabulous Mercedes Benz, the newest Lois Vuitton, the sky high Manolos, the striking Armani, the perfectly quaffed Shih Tzu...

These "status symbols" are merely items that usually aren't any better than their inexpensive counterparts.  They are simply a name. When did we start putting all of our self worth into the tag on our shirt and the brand of our shoes? It's hard to imagine, but there was a time people only acquired things based on need. Yes there was probably still that caveman with the extra large cave all the other brutes were a little jealous of. Probably a few pioneers pimped their wagons. Maybe an explorer here or there had the latest and greatest survival gear just in case he ran into that other guy in the wilderness. But, over-all I believe it's only now that the rich folks are throwing birthday parties for their kids that cost more than an average wedding. 

Take a walk in your neighborhood today. What status symbols do you see? Unnecessarily large vehicles? Houses big enough for three families that only house two people? Little dogs walking down the street with a smug look because they know they cost more than a tropical vacation? Now look again. Are some of these things within the boundaries of your own property? 

I admit I'm giving the drastic examples here to make a point, so let's step back for a quick second and talk about any of you reading right now patting yourself on the back because you clearly don't require any status symbols. Before you get too high and mighty, take a closer look at your life and tell me you don't buy some things simply based on how it will look to everyone around you. Next time you find yourself about to make a purchase ask who you're really buying it for. Is it for you, or is it for them? 

Let's all do a little soul searching today. Don't just scan the surface. Dig deep into that corner where the truth is hiding. Treasures may be found there and aren't we all just wannabe pirates?

May you all have a truly pleasant Sunday.
Pleasance is free and free is cheap.

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