Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Cleaning Fever

Spring has sprung in my new neck of the woods and I've suddenly caught that spring cleaning fever.  However, I have nothing of my own to clean unless I go clean my stuff in storage and that just doesn't seem as fun(okay it sounds a little fun but I refuse to be the crazy cleaning lady doing a spring cleaning in the storage units). Organizing is like therapy for me. I know, I'm a little crazy. Lucky for me, my lovely hostess says I can organize her home to my hearts content! Let the therapy begin...

This morning I did a quick mini refrigerator make-over. It only took me about 25 minutes. You don't have to spend an hour deep cleaning the monster, just take it all out and quickly dump the things that are bad, combine a few things that are taking up space (I combined two half full ketchup bottles and three bottles of partially used Ranch dressing). The shelves got a quick soapy water wipe down before I put everything back in.  I tried to group "like" things together as much as I could.  

(okay admittedly the pictures don't show the huge difference but TRUST ME it's there)

Now I feel like I've exercised the demons and can go about my day. I might need to go for a bike ride soon just to breathe in all that springy air.  I hope you find time to take a nice deep breath of fresh air today too.

Air is free and free is cheap.

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