Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Don't Sell The Bike - Adjust The Seat

I almost sold my bike. My knees were bothering me and I often felt like the wicked witch of the west on it. Something about the way my body was a little hunched and how hard it was for me to peddle up hill always cued that theme music in my head. You're hearing it now aren't you... 

When Rob was gone the other week, I took his bike out every day to ride and felt so much better on the bigger frame.  We started tossing around the idea of selling my relatively new bike to find one that would be more comfortable for me now that I'm riding multiple times a week. Rob even went as far as asking bike shops what we could get for it and looking for more ideal bikes online.  

For the last few weeks I hadn't been out on my bike. My knees had let me know, not to kindly, that they needed a break. Today we wanted to get out after five days straight of rain so we got the bikes down and Rob had a brilliant idea. What if we raised my seat? Ya. Like magic I rode up those hills without pain and not once did I hear the wicked witch of the west theme music. Ten miles of bliss.

So it made me think. How many times do we give up on things we're going through? How often do we give up on people or projects or bikes because we keep approaching the situations the same way time after time? What if all we have to do is adjust the seat?

One small adjustment could change everything. 

It's worth a try before you sell the bike (or end the relationship,  quit the job, toss out that creative project,  hang up the phone,  give up on yourself...you get the idea).

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