Monday, December 17, 2012

Falling Over...and Over and Over

I fell over. It's been happening quite a bit lately. Don't worry I'm not randomly collapsing on the sidewalk or tripping down steps. It's the headstand. Doing a headstand without a wall nearby to keep me from toppling over has been the best way for me to learn how to fall. A lot. Why do I keep doing it? Because once in a while I find my balance, raise both legs over my head and stop. If I hold my breath, I fall. If I let my eyes leave the focus point, I fall. If I get really excited about the fact that I've just achieved an unaided headstand...I fall. Actually, I guess I eventually fall every single time I do it. But that feeling of balance, no matter how brief, is worth the small bumps and bruises.

This evening was one of the more spectacular falls. I'm sure if anyone had been here to see it they would have gotten at least a little amusement out of such a sight.  I slowly got up and stretched a little more while I thought about what influences us to keep searching for that inner balance in life even when our daily lives knock us over at every turn.  Sometimes it can feel desperately impossible to get back up after a particularly nasty spill. But we do it. We can always get up again and keep trying. 

That's life isn't it?

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