Saturday, December 1, 2012

After Effects

I spent a ridiculous amount of time fiddling with this picture in a new favorite camera app on my phone. I saturated, focused, centered, dramatified, cropped, bordered and shaded until my eyes were happier with what they saw. The picture is of one of the only pretty spots I saw in Texas (sorry Texas I just didn't make it out of a few mile radius). The result is so much more exciting isn't it? 

Or is it...I wonder if we might be losing the ability to see the perfect beauty of life as it is. Simply the portrait the universe centers for us every day. Instead, we look at a sunset and imagine how it would look after a spin through Instagram. Maybe we're slowly setting our visual standards too high, not only for nature, but for people and for ourselves. 

Don't forget to see the exquisite perfectness that is you without any fancy adjustments. No makeup, no accessories or special lighting...just you. 

Just your life as it is.

Let's try not to change things so much all the time. Now that I look again, I think I find the original picture more appealing. It tells the truth.

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