Friday, November 30, 2012

Pod Club : Creation Theory

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I've always considered myself creative, and yet never wondered if it could be measured. When I meet other people that I consider extra creative it can be tempting to try to measure my aptitude to theirs but it's impossible. First of all, I think every single human is a creative being. I believe that each one of us has a need to create.  Don't you feel sometimes like a day is lacking of realness if you haven't created something? It could be something big like writing a song, choreographing a dance or painting a picture, but lots of people don't even realize they are fulfilling the human need to create by simply thinking up a new recipe or accessorizing an outfit in a new way.  

I just don't think that creativity can be measured. Not only do I think it can't be measured, I don't think it should be. Creativity is magical. Measuring it would only put it in a box and creativity begins by thinking outside the box (or throwing the box out the window altogether).  

Let's let creativity and imagination be the broad wondrous things they are. We should be encouraging children to hold onto their imaginary friends, their inquisitive nature and their fearlessness to try new things. Who cares which of us are predisposed to being "better" at it? What matters is that we continue creating in our day to day lives in any way that makes us happy and adds beauty to the world.  

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