Friday, November 2, 2012

Pod Club : Ghost Stories

This week's Pod Club pick was The Anything Ghost Show...

I'll admit it up front that I only listened to the first half of this podcast. It was fun but only up to a certain point. I was thinking the whole time that it would be more interesting if the actual people were telling their stories instead of the host reading them all in the same tone. It made them almost sound silly instead of scary. I don't know if I believe in ghosts but I have heard way more convincing stories than these. Usually when I hear stories like these I can think up a scientific explanation or can see how people drew conclusions based on the fact that they went hunting for ghosts in the first place. 

I don't go hunting for ghosts. If they exist (and I'm not ruling it out) I would rather not interact with them at all. So last year when I was working at a winery in small town Walla Walla, Washington I certainly wasn't hoping for a spooky story but I experienced one anyway. L'Ecole is one of the oldest wineries in Washington and is housed in an extremely old schoolhouse. Creepy right? I still wasn't worried even when I spent large amounts of time down in the cold, dark basement.  

Working behind any bar tends to be a whirlwind of activity. L'Ecole on a busy afternoon was no exception. Two of us would be doing the pouring dance back and forth answering questions and making witty jokes as we slid the bottles and glasses around. Two racks of glasses were stacked in their own shelving system. The top one was clean, the bottom dirty. These racks were at least three feet square. It was a chore to pull them out to take to the kitchen for sterilizing (I should know since I did it repeatedly all day long). One particular afternoon I had just poured a taste at the end of the bar when I heard a crash. I whipped around to find the top rack of glasses had shot out and flipped over onto the floor. My coworker was at the other end of the bar. We started to clean up as quickly as possible all while maintaining the tasting experience of our customers but all I could think was that the impossible had just happened. I played around with that rack over and over after that trying to see if there was any good explanation or possible way it could slip or fall out of that slot on it's own and I maintain that it couldn't have. That's all I know. I'll leave it to you to decide if my experience was shaded by something I was looking for or if I'm the type to exaggerate for effect or if I'm just making this all up to entertain. I could swear on a stack of Bibles, but as an atheist I'm not so sure you'd believe even that. 

Halloween was almost a non holiday for me this year and I usually have a little fun with it dressing up or carving pumpkins. This podcast was the only Halloweeny thing about that day since I spent most of it in the car. Thanks for suggesting it Jill! 

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(I have just added this to say that after a visit to Jill and Leah's blogs, I'm officially freaked out right now. These girls have some serious true stories for you so if you enjoy having your arm hairs all stand up and you want to be too scared to sleep with the light off tonight I highly recommend reading them! If, like me, you do NOT like being scared of the supernatural and you don't want those pictures in your sensitive head maybe it would be best to read the beginning of their posts but do not scroll down. You've been warned oh sensitive ones.)

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