Monday, November 26, 2012

Pod Club : Studio 360

"We're always talking about creativity, but what do we mean? Can we find creativity, can we measure it, can we encourage it? Kurt talks with professor and author Gary Marcus (Guitar Zero) about what science tells us about creativity. A researcher shoves jazz musicians into an fMRI machines and has them improvise; an intrepid reporter gets her creativity tested and scored; and a little girl introduces us to her imaginary friends (all of them)."

Pod Club pick of the week is about creativity! I recently found this podcast and so far am always thoroughly entertained. If you like this one, you can go back and listen to some of the older episodes like the one about The Wizard of Oz (so good). Pod Club will reconvene on Friday to share our thoughts. Join Just Jill and myself in our adventures into podcast land! We love having people join in the fun, check out Slow Spiral's take on last weeks podcast from Snap Judgement.

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