Sunday, November 25, 2012

Re-Run as Reality Check

Bill Murray is waking up in the same day, Groundhog Day, again and again and again on my hotel room flat screen. I've seen this movie more than enough, but for the first time I see the hidden message. Life is going to try to teach us the same lesson until we learn, grown and move on. Poor Bill does what most of us do when dealt a bad hand. First he's angry and grumpy and mean to everyone around him. He wants out and that's all he can focus on. Eventually he gets bored and starts messing with people. After a while he stops getting any satisfaction from that and decides he can make the beautiful Andi Macdowell fall in love with him. He takes the time to find out all he can about her until he makes himself her ideal match. This too doesn't work as he wants it to and he still keeps waking up at six a.m. on the same day. He goes through a self destructive phase, finding ways to hurt or kill himself hoping that this will stop the insanity. It doesn't. At a certain point he starts working on himself and trying to better that day for the people around him. He takes time to get to know people just to help them, not to use the information for his own good. He catches falling children, changes old ladies flat tires and administers CPR to an old homeless man. 

If I were to apply this to my own life, what I would take away is that until I stop seeing the world as either for or against me, until I can focus on how my actions are connected to the universe as a whole, until I see that what truly matters is learning and growing in a way that inspires others to do the same...I'll just be waking up in the same day every morning regardless of what my calendar says. 

What is your biggest struggle right now? Do you wake up every day feeling like you did yesterday and you don't like it? Unless you start to make some sort of small changes toward the life you want to have, you'll repeat this day again tomorrow. Today is a good day to figure out what that very first teeny tiny step could be, that one small change that will shake your life out of the re-run cycle. 

Bill finds love with his girl in the end, but more importantly he finds love for himself.  

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