Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dear Diary 3/3/1991

More from my ten year old self...

"I'me sick so I stayed home today. Mrs. Evoniuk gave me a entry form for a poetry contest. The poem she wants me to send in is The Lighthouse. It goes like this.

There it
Upon a hill
A lighthouse stands with pride
Makes me feel safe here on the sea

It's called Cinquain poetry. Bunny's going to have kittens soon. Michael really likes Angel. I don't have any best friends anymore because Angels Mike's best friend now. Last night we went to a play called J.B. it was hard to follow but it had good acting. I was sitting by Mike & Angel & Michael had his arm around her and she had her head on his shoulder. Leah is a very bad brat. I hate her and that's not a lie. bye."

Once again I must stress that I have no idea what my precious sister Leah was doing to annoy me and I have a feeling I was the very bad brat. Also, I was playing around with calling my brother 'Mike' like all his friends were but it didn't stick then and still doesn't. He'll always be Michael and I have forgiven him for stealing my best friend away since I ended up marrying one of his! 

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  1. maybe at some point it just became a mantra so you wouldn't forget that you hated me even when you didn't have a reason...or i was just being a brat.