Friday, November 23, 2012

Pod Cast : A Wish is a Dream

I wish I had a million dollars. But what if I did? Would I want all the trouble that comes along with it? Maybe I'd wonder if my friends were truly my friends or using me for the perks? I might have a hard time managing the money and mentally berating myself for misspending portions of it. I can tell you right now that I would first help out my friends and my family that are in need but what would happen to those relationships? Would it cause more harm then good?

Screw it, I'm taking my million dollars and taking you and you and you (no, not you) to a hidden cottage on the outskirts of a beautiful old city to spend the rest of our days reading and singing and dancing around with no worries and no extravagance. And no forwarding address.

This week's Pod Club pick can be found HERE. It's title : "Be Careful What You Wish For".

Snap Judgement is a fun podcast. I hadn't listened before and I felt good sitting here in my Dallas hotel room listening to stories from a crazy variety of sources. I especially loved the story about the young missionary in Africa with delusions of really teaching poor children there but waking up to the fact that you can't really teach someone who's starving. Once again, a young do-gooder was taught the ultimate life lesson and left with a changed soul. It's too bad it takes seeing children fight over the flour provided to make paste because they know they can eat it.

So what do you wish for? The power of our dreams is real. Dream big but make sure it's what you really want in case all your wildest dreams come true.

Check out Just Jill to see what her wonderful brain had to think about this week's pick and peek over at Slow Spiral in case she had a few opinions too! We would love to have more Pod Club members so let us know if you listened!

This has been the Thanksgiving installment of Pod Club. We'll be back on Monday with a fresh podcast episode to tickle your eardrums.

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