Friday, February 11, 2011

homemade water

Yesterday I made myself some delicious flavored water at home. I have this terrible unscrimpy habit of buying flavored waters because I honestly don't drink plain old water that just tastes like, water. Not only is buying bottled water wasting money every day, but I am not the best of recyclers in the world and some of those empties go into the garbage and on to whatever land-fill there's still room in.  The reason I chose to make peppermint water is because i've been fighting some stomach issues for a long time and over the counter drugs and other things don't help but I remember my mom using peppermint oil for lots of things when I was a kid.  When I walked to the store for groceries yesterday I found a little vial of it on sale and a little mint plant and I was in water making business. I poured some filtered water into the clean jar, added a few little sweetener tablets and about four drops of peppermint oil, tossed in a few clean mint leaves and then put the cap on and shook it up.  I took this concoction to work with me and it was a delicious, nearly free treat about half way through my shift.  I even annoyed everyone with my story about how I made it but they mostly looked at me like I'd been replaced by a crazy old lady that smells like soup.  Oh well, some people just aren't Scrimpy!!


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