Wednesday, February 16, 2011

libraries rock


Was it this scene from The Music Man that made me fall in love with libraries at an early age? Perhaps, but I did have to drag my nose out of a book just to watch the movie so I'm pretty sure I already loved free books.   If I paid full price for books, music, movies and magazines at the rate I go through them, I'd be over my head in debt.   Lucky for me the library system is alive and well and there's one in every town i've ever spent time in (including Skagway, Alaska so don't tell me you don't have a library).  One of the biggest favors you can do your wallet is to put a library card in it.   You can check out books, movies and even music (yes i check them out and upload them into my itunes what?) for free.  Free is cheap.   My local library has an amazing volunteer bookstore where I can buy these things for a dollar or two as well.  So, if its a book, c.d. or even d.v.d. you want to read, listen to or watch over and over again you might as well see if you can buy it for a buck before laying down full price for it...and the money goes back into the library so basically you're giving money to yourself by keeping this great service going.  

My challenge to you all is to see how long you can go without paying full price for a book, movie or c.d. I know it's fun to hang out in a great bookstore and you can still do that if you think you can not buy anything but if the temptation is too much just stay away and hang out in the library instead...I still dream that one day everyone will break out in song and dance and I'll be there to join in...

p.s. if you havn't seen The Music Man, do yourself a favor and visit your local library today to check it out for free.

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