Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a little patchy re-style goodness

This week I found a skirt for $1 at my local resale shop.  It had a pin on the front that had made a little hole in the fabric and the back had "baby phat" emblazoned on it (sorry not a fan of ass-writing)...but this little black skirt looks like something I could live in during the warmer months so I gave the lovely sales lady my hard earned dollar and walked my un-emblazoned ass to Michael's for some iron on patches.  All the patches were expensive and for little kids so I bought the big square camouflage pattern patches that are sold for clothing repairs and such.  I only ended up using one of the two patches that were about $3.  

Skirt Front Before:

Skirt Back Before:

In Progress:

Skirt Front After:

Skirt Back After:

This little fix took me all of ten minutes once I had the iron heated up and found my sharp scissors.  I hope it inspires you to re-style some things in your closet that you aren't wearing right now.  Think outside the box.  What can you do to update something vs. buying something new?  

Creativity is free and free is cheap.

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  1. Really cute......I have to admit, I would have gotten rid of it. This is a great reminder to, as you say, "think out side the box" : )