Sunday, February 27, 2011

Like a Virgin

"Making it Through the Wilderness"

I have this friend.  Let's call her "Sally".  Sally believes she is careful with her money.  She doesn't buy expensive jewelry or go on lavish vacations.  Her bank account is never overdrawn and her bills are paid on time.  In her mind she is doing everything right and yet can't ever seem to save any extra cash.  Her friends invite her out for drinks and she claims she's "broke" as she chats with them on her iphone and pulls out of the carwash.  "I wish I could come out with you all tonight but I just can't afford it!" she laments as she pushes her shopping cart through the discount grocery store.   Inside the shopping cart you might spy a mixed bag of pre-cut vegetables,  two boxes of cereal and a carton of juice.  Sally is making choices daily that have landed her in this "money drought".    She's not alone.  Most of us are virgins to the idea of really scrimping on things.   Saving money is not clipping coupons and living on rice and beans.  Saving money is choosing where every dollar goes.  If you make the right choices, you should be able to crawl your way out of the wilderness and into a nice green meadow where you feel balanced and whole, not deprived and desperate.  I'll leave you today with a few ideas to get you started on that path.  It's not straight and narrow by the way.  If that's the path you're looking for, you came to the wrong church.

Don't pay someone else to wash your car.
Don't pay someone else to chop your vegetables.
Don't pay someone else to mow your lawn.
Don't pay someone else to make your tea or coffee.
Don't pay someone else to paint your nails.
Don't pay someone else to clean your house (seriously).
Don't pay someone else to walk your dog.
Don't pay someone else to trim your bushes(home or body).
Don't pay someone else to primp your pet.
Don't pay someone else to save your soul.

You may be a money saving virgin, but you have no idea how good it's going to feel once you realize you DO have the money.  It's been there all along you've just been putting it in the wrong place.  

Okay time to play.  Enjoy your free time.  

Time is free and free is cheap.


  1. I'm sure several of us are asking if we're the "sally". At least I am! Thanks for all your gentle reminders. I love them!

  2. don't worry stacy, the truth is that we are all "sally" in some way or another right? i always start with things i would tell myself and hope others can identify.