Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The World is Your Treadmill

I was recently asked saving money on gym memberships.  The answer is simple: don't have one.   If you have a "cheap" membership at a place like 24 Hr. Fitness, you may be paying around 20-30 dollars a month.  You could save around $300 this year by calling up and cancelling that membership today.  Now let's pretend you've been paying to go to a fancier gym and being ripped off to the tune of $50+ monthly.  Would you like to save $600 this year? I have the answer.  I've had memberships to both types of gyms before and I know it's convenient and easy.  What a joy to spend all day at a desk, followed by running in place and watching a t.v. for an hour, going home to cook up some dinner and unwind in front of the t.v. and then crashing into bed for the night.  As you drift off, your last thought is that you wish you had more time in the day for the things you really want to do.  You do.  You want an extra hour of time with your boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend/dog/kids/self??  Instead of paying an ungodly amount of money to let strangers watch you sweat, I suggest the following:

Put on some shoes. 
Grab someone you want to spend some time with.
Go Outside.
Start Walking.

Go down a street you've never walked down before.
Go up a hill you with an incredible view from the top.

Look for flowers.

Beware of Pirates.


Walking is free and free is cheap.


  1. The best shape I've ever been in was from a religous walking regime, and that was a long time ago. Thanks for the wonderful reminder. I think I might try to go for a walk tomorrow!

  2. Such good advice! I find the treadmill (and gyms in general) so incredibly depressing.

  3. gyms are SO depressing! even when i was a regular member of one i'd look around and wonder why we were all there just spinning wheels. i often thought they need to power the gym with the energy produced at least:) everyone is there pretty much to stare at each other IMO...