Friday, February 25, 2011

a penny saved

Have you ever seen a penny on the ground and just thought to yourself "oh hey a penny" and then walked on by leaving it there all lonely and useless? Poor penny.  What about a nickel? A dime?  A Quarter?  At what point did pocket change become worthless? When I was a kid my Grandpa Larry would always have change in his pocket to dole out to the grandkids.  We thought we'd struck it rich when he'd hand us a few quarters and tell us it was strictly candy money (my parents mailed the dentist's bills directly to him).  I realize that the dollar is not worth what it used to be but something has brainwashed us into believing that spending only a dollar on something isn't much at all.  Dollars still add up last time I checked (yep I just counted a few and they still added up to more than one).  How often do you shop the dollar section of Target? Do you load up a cart at the 99 cent store thinking you're basically saving tons of money? Don't get me wrong, as a scrimper I love a good deal, but i'm not stupid.  These stores are making a TON of money.  How? Is it by making sure you're getting a screaming deal? Nope. So please start saving your pennies, your quarters and your dollars.  Let them add up until you can buy something you will truly use and value.  Pick up that shiny penny and put it away for a rainy day.  Don't buy a handful of things you'll never use in the dollar section. Save the $25 you are sure to hand over at your local 99 cent store. It's all about choosing where every penny of your money goes.  Heck, throw one on the ground for someone else to find if it makes you happy but don't waste it on something just because it's only a dollar.  Dig through your junk drawer if you need a reminder of where all that stuff goes.  I keep a big container for loose change as a reminder to myself to save it all.  The last time I took my full jar to the change machine, I walked away with nearly $80.  So pick up that penny.  It's good luck. 

Luck is free and free is cheap.

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