Saturday, February 12, 2011

scrimped valentine

Well Good Morning Scrimpers,
This morning I made a cute little card for my valentine using only things I had already and that most of you probably have on hand as well.  The store cards these days are adorable but so expensive! Most cards I fall in love with are at least $4.95 or even more (darn you Paper Source).  And as we all know, handmade is better!  So do what I did, gather together what you already have.  Think outside the box.  Can you use the back of that card someone else gave you if you glue it to some fancy paper?  Look inside your junk drawer and pull out a random twisty tie you saved or a scrap of ribbon you thought you might use again.  Use it! Okay without further rambling here is my cardmaking in pictures:

I gathered my supplies, a few scissors, glue, floss (yes really), old magazine, brown paper bag...

Next I tore out a few pages I liked and cut one in a big square and I cut a big square out of the paper bag for the inside.  I also cut out a few different sized hearts out of the magazine pages to use for added flourishes and yep, I totally used the floss as a little fancy on the seam. 

In all it took me about ten minutes and I didn't pay for anything! Now where is that valentine of mine...


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