Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Unicorn at the Zoo

The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens has been one of our favorite places in L.A.  About five miles away, but worth the bike ride! Rob and I find something new or see an animal we hadn't met before almost every time we go. If the animals fail to entertain, the people never do. We beelined to the Elephant exhibit in hopes of catching one of the three giants up close and for the first time we lucked out! Billy the Elephant is my new favorite zoo creature. I've been missing Jabba the Hippo since early this year and found out he passed away in the spring. He was the cutest Hippo you could ever meet and he was a sneaky guy too (if you can possibly imagine a sneaky Hippo).

It was Fall when I fell in love with the zoo last year, and on this trip I was reminded why. Everything slows down. Most of the extra booths selling artery clogging snacks and junky trinkets close for the season. The pathways aren't packed with tourists and whiny children. Even the employees seem to be letting out a sigh of relief.

This year I'm going to ride the new carousel. It's full of every animal you can think of including a Unicorn! As we walked by, I informed Rob I would indeed ride that Unicorn soon. "They're all real except for the Unicorn".  I looked at that boy like he had just walked out of a U.F.O.  "I'm sorry what are you trying to say?" He couldn't possibly be implying that Unicorns aren't real animals.  I'm still not sure where Rob stands, but I believe Unicorns are real. I saw one at the zoo.

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