Saturday, October 20, 2012

We are a Living Social Experiment

Lately I've been personally overwhelmed with information about our world and many of the things wrong with it. So much of my life has been spent not looking behind the proverbial curtain. I go along with the herd of humanity and live the way America lives. It's easier not to know what goes into our food, what we're doing to the air we need to breath, who is hurt when we make certain purchases... 

The social experiments that have been done, such as the Stanford Prison Experiment, may mean nothing to us, but they should mean everything. 

We are a living social experiment. 

Think about it.

I'm late posting this because I started over way too many times yesterday and finally gave up and read Leah and Jill's responses. I knew Leah would have more to say about Sleep No More since she was lucky enough to see it this year and I had a feeling Jill would talk about whether or not to follow rules and I even had a hunch she'd mention Germany and I was right (No, I'm not a mind reader I just know Jill and I read the same book recently and probably made the same connection). Please do yourself a favor and read these two insightful posts.

If you havn't listened to this podcast yet you can find it here: Fear Thy Nature

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