Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dear Diary 7/10/1990

Another fascinating entry from my first diary.
I was nine years old.

"Dear Diary,
I don't like it when mom has to work so late. Somewhere I herd that the people you love the most make you the maddest. well thats true with me and mom I guess. yesterday some Idiots left this poor little kitten by our tree and they say they didn't do it but it was obvios. I call it bunny it's eye was hurt but it's getting better. we're keeping aunties kitten but Tim's taking it. Today I ame just getting over a cold. Leah just got it.
Well, goodbye."

I wonder why nobody pushed me toward art.
Clearly I was overflowing with talent...


  1. i woke up this morning feeling like i was getting a cold...thanks a lot :(

    1. That took a while... strangely I feel fine!

  2. The laugh I needed today. Thanks. I wish all I had was a cold...