Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dear Diary 12/7/1990

Confessions of a dramatic 10 year old.
"Dear Diary,
Grandpa's coming tomarrow. And Aunties baby is due tomarrow. I hate Leah. And I hate it when dad gives me long talks. Last night I went with Jessica to Aladdin the play it was really good. Jessica likes Bob too I hope she stops liking him. Mom is sick so she cant be around Auntie probably not during labor. Mom just told me Angel, Aleesha, and Amber are going to school with us after christmas vacation. by. "

First I'd like to say that I no longer hate Leah, I adore her more than anything. She put up with so much as the youngest of four. Sorry Leah!! Also, this is the last entry from my very first little diary. This was all written in a tiny little memo pad but I was the lucky recipient of a brand new official diary with a lock on it for Christmas that year. Get ready for 1991!


  1. I just wish I knew the story behind you hating me that day. Was it just random or did I do something I wonder... ;). I adore you back!

    1. I honestly can't remember you being anything but sweet and eager to please. You must have smiled at me too much or something.