Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dear Diary 8/1/1990

Another fabulous installment from
the Diary of my 9 yr old self.

"Dear Diary,
My life is getting great. Mom, Dad, Steph, and Mike went to Spokane and they went to a park thing it cost alot but they had fun they brought us back a badminton set. Then Dad went to Alaska and Mom Mike Auntie took Steph to camp and brought us Suckers Popsicle things and makeup dolls but the dolls don't work. We got to stay with Teresa and play with Nicolas and Lorene Sussane. Then Dad came home and brought me a little glass thing. It's pretty. Today I'm getting glasses. But theres about a 30% chance I might Not. We are going to go to Portland saturday. by for now. 

P.S. We have Anne of Green Gables and were getting Anne of Anvonlea."

There's a 30% chance I had a future as an artist.


  1. so does that mean they went to silverwood and all we got was a badminton set? no wonder i was so paranoid about being left behind...
    p.s. i still have those very books somewhere.

    1. yep, they went to Silverwood and all we got was a couple crappy dolls and a badminton set that was technically for the whole family. i don't recall you and i happily going out to set up the net for a nice afternoon passing the birdie back and forth only taking breaks to put makeup on our dolls...

  2. yeah, i don't remember that either. in fact, i think the only thing i do remember about having that badminton set is when people came over and it actually got set up i wasn't allowed to play. i sat nearby with a racket and a birdie, seeing how long i could keep it up in the air. It must have been an improvement though if your life was getting great...and don't forget about the popsicles. Those were probably way better than a roller coaster ride.