Monday, October 15, 2012

Pod Club : Freakonomics

It's monday and that means it's time for a new Pod Club podcast pick. Hey, how about this week we listen to something from Freakonomics? What's that you say? You'd love to? Alrighty then. You're the boss...

Freakonomics : Fear Thy Nature

You aren't a member of Pod Club yet? It's easy to join. Just listen to the episode of the week and have some thoughts about it. You can comment on my blog or maybe you'd like to say something on Jill's or perhaps leave a note for Leah. You have your own blog? Even better! You can devote a whole entire post to anything and everything you have to say about it! Friday is the flexible due date for our write ups.

Podcasts are free and more fun than a water balloon fight in winter. Just go to the link or find it on iTunes. FREE!!

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