Thursday, October 11, 2012

Riding a Bike is Like Riding a Bike

Autumn Colors a la California

The first stormy day of Autumn was the perfect day to take the bikes out for the first time. The first time? But Rachael, havn't you and Rob lived in L.A. for over a year now? Why yes, yes we have.  It took this long to get over the daily battle of facing these mean streets in a automobile. The bikes were hung on the wall when we moved in last year and stayed there nicely serving as decor and wet laundry holders. Until today. Today I told Rob I was finally brave enough to peddle to Trader Joe's and back home. Was it the passing thunderstorm that shook me up and made me crave a ride? We carried the bikes down to the sidewalk and took off. This city has the worst sidewalks and roads of anywhere I've lived and it's uphill both ways. I'm not kidding. Somehow no matter where you want to go around Silver Lake and Los Feliz there are enough frequent hills that you will face them both ways. At first I was worried about riding after a whole year of no practice but it turns out that riding a bike is like riding a bike. We charged up hills and coasted down leaf strewn streets the two miles to the store and back home. Rain drops lightly sprinkled down on the dusty, sunburned city. I felt renewed and free. So yes, the first stormy day of Autumn was the perfect day for a bike ride.

Is there a hobby you really love that you havn't enjoyed in a long time? Worried you won't be able to take it up again? Thinking you may have lost that muscle... physical or mental? It might take a few false starts, but I promise you'll get into the flow again in no time. Life is too short to second guess your abilities. Tomorrow may never come, so get out there and do what makes you smile!


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